by John Mulholland

WEHRKREIS I – HQ: Konigsberg.

Divisions Affiliated with Wkr.I:
1, 11, 21, 61, 114 Jag, 117 Jag, 120, 141 Res, 151 Res, 161, 206, 217, 228, 244, 291, 311, 340, 349, 383, 388 Trg, 395, 399, 401 Rep, 421, 461 Rep, 542 VG, 562 VG.

Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen I (Commander of Replacement Troops, Wkr.I.)
- Aug.1939: Formed in Allenstein.
Div.Nr.141 (141.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Insterburg.
- Nov.1939: Formed as 151.Division from the staff of Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen I.
- 06 Dec.1939: Renamed Div.Nr.141 (141st Replacement and Training Division)
- Sep.1940: Transferred to Prague in Wkr. “Bohemia-Moravia” along with its Replacement and Training units.
- Jul.1941: Returned to Wkr.I.
- 24 Sep.1942: Restructured as the 141.Reserve (i.e. Training) Division and then sent to Minsk, White Russia, while its Replacement units were absorbed into Div.Nr.401.
- Oct.1942: Came under the command of LXI (61) Reserve Korps, Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber “Ostland”, at Stolpce.
- Feb.1944: The 141.Res.Div. ceased its Training duties and was dissolved.
Order of Battle - Sep.1940:
Inf.Ers.Reg.1 (Inf.Ers.Btl.1, 43, 301, 413)
Inf.Ers.Reg.61 (Inf.Ers.Btl.24, Erg.Btl.3)
Inf.Ers.Reg.206 (Inf.Ers.Btl.22, 312, Erg.Btl.22)
Inf.Ers.Reg.491 (Inf.Ers.Btl.492, 493, 494)

Div.Nr.151 (151.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Allenstein.
- 08 Dec.1939: Formed after the original 151.Div. was renamed Div.Nr.141.
- Sep.1940: Transferred to Budweis in Wkr. “Bohemia-Moravia” along with its subordinate units.
- Jul.1941: Returned to Wkr.I.
- 25 Sep.1942: Restructured as the 151.Res.Div. and sent to Lithuania while its Replacement units were absorbed into Div.Nr.461.
- Feb.944: The 151.Res.Div. was dissolved and its Training functions reverted back to Wkr. control.
Order of Battle - Sep.1940:
Inf.Ers.Reg.11 (Inf.Ers.Btl.23, 311, 389)
Inf.Ers.Reg.61 (Inf.Ers.Btl.44, 325, 356)
Inf.Ers.Reg.217 (Inf.Ers.Btl.2, 3, 346)
Inf.Ers.Reg.228 (Inf.Ers.Btl.45, 100, Erg.Btl.23)

Div.Nr.401 (401.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Konigsberg.
- 16 Jan.1940: Formed as Special Administrative Division Staff 401 (Div.Stb.z.b.V.401) from the staff of Div.Stb.z.b.V.422. These Special Administrative Division Staffs were formed to control local defense and General Headquarters (G.H.Q.) troops stationed in the Wehrkreis area. The 401st performed these duties in East Prussia.
- 25 Sep.1942: Upgraded from Div.Stb.z.b.V.401 to Div.Nr.401 by absorbing the Replacement battalions of Div.Nr.141 and some from Div.Nr.151.
- Early 1944: Probably resumed Training duties after 141.Res.Div. and 151.Res.Div. were dissolved.
Order of Battle - Jan.1940:
Ldschtz.Btl.201, 203, 206, 208, 211, 213, 215, 216, 218, 223, 224, 537, Ldschtz.Ers.Btl.1
Order of Battle - Dec.1943:
Gren.Ers.Reg.161 (Gren.Ers.Btl.3, 24, 44, 178, 301)
Gren.Ers.Reg.228 (Gren.Ers.Btl.1, 22, 43, 45, 312)

Div.Nr.461 (461.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Bialystok / Osterode.
- 01 Aug.1941: Formed as Divisionskommando.z.b.V.”Bialystok”. It was set up to control miscellaneous formations in what was formerly eastern Poland. Sometimes referred to as Div.Stb.z.b.V.461.
- 24 Sep.1942: Upgraded to Div.Nr.461 by absorbing most of the Replacement units of Div.Nr.151.
- Early 1944: Probably resumed Training duties after 141.Res.Div. and 151.Res.Div. were dissolved.
Order of Battle - Oct.1943:
Gren.Ers./Ausb.Reg.11 (Gren.Ers.Btl.151, 346, 400)
Gren.Ers./Ausb.Reg.491 (Gren.Ers.Btl.356, 492, 493, 494)
Gren.Ers.Reg.521 (Gren.Ers.Btl.2, 23, 162, 311, 389)


Div.Stb.z.b.V.421 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 08 Oct.1939: Formed
- Mar.1940: Upgraded and renamed 339.Infanteriedivision.

Div.Stb.z.b.V.422 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 24 Oct.1939: Formed
- Jan.1940: Renamed Div.Stb.z.b.V.401 which later became Div.Nr.401.

Div.Stb.z.b.V.605 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 07 Nov.1944: Formed by renaming Festungs-Kommandeur Lötzen.
- Mar.1945: The division was officially dissolved.

388. Feldausbildungsdivision (388.Field Training Division)
- Sep.1942: Formed to supply Training functions for Heeresgruppe Nord (Army Group North). The Stab (Staff) came from Wkr.I and the remainder of the personnel were supplied BY Wkr.II and VIII.
- May 1944: Renamed Feldausbildungsdivison “Nord”.
- Feb.1945: Upgraded to Infanteriedivision “Kurland”.
Order of Battle:
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-)Regiment 639
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 640

Kommandeur der Schnelletruppen I (Commander of Mobile Troops, Wkr.I)
- May 1942: Formed in Insterberg from Stab Reiter-Ersatz-Regiment.1 (Staff: 1st Rider [Mounted] Replacement Regiment). It was tasked with supplying Replacement and Training functions for the mobile units within the Wehrkreis.
- Apr.1943: Renamed Kommandeur der Panzertruppen.I