The Domobrana (Home Army, also Haššik's Army after the Minister of National Defence Stefan Haššik) was formed during the Slovak National Uprising from units of the Slovak Army that remained loyal to the government together with units from the Hlinka's Guard and Hlinka's Youth. By the end of 1944 it had almost 20.000 men and in January 1945 the mapower was over 40.000 following conscription.

In theory the 1. Technical Division and 2. Technical Division were part of the Domobrana but they refused to wear the insignia and considered themselves to remain part of the Slovak Army.


Order of battle

Infantry Regiment 1 (formed in September 1944, one battalion assigned to 154. Feldausbildungs-Division and Kampgruppe Schill)
Infantry Regiment 2 (formed in October 1944)
Artillery Regiment (one battery assinged to Panzer-Division Tatra)
Anti-Aircraft Regiment
Air Force Regiment
Communications Battalion
Engineer Battalion
Automotive Group

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Reference material on this unit

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