The 1. Infantry Division (also 1. Division Jánošik) took part in the invasion of Poland 1939 taking Zakopané and advancing some 30km into Poland before returning to Slovakia on 9 September.
It was disbanded 1941 to help form the Mobile Division.

A new 1. Infantry Division was formed in 1943.

See also the 1. Infantry Division of the Army of Eastern Slovakia / Slovak National Uprising.


Colonel Anton Pulanich


Order of battle (1 May 1940)

Infantry Regiment 4
Infantry Regiment 5
Infantry Regiment 7
Artillery Regiment 1
Cavalry Group
Engineering Regiment
Signals Unit
Automobile Regiment I Group


Order of battle (1 October 1940)

Infantry Regiment 1
Infantry Regiment 2
Infantry Regiment 3 (1)
Artillery Regiment 1
Cavalry Group
Engineering Battalion
Signals Battalion
Automobile Battalion
Military Hospital
Quartermasters Depot



1. Most ethinic Germans served in the second battalion of Infantry Regiment 3 stationed in Kremnica, later most would serve in the Waffen-SS. They also had their own lightly-armed paramilitary force, the Freiwillige Schutzdienst (FS).


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