The Mobile Brigade (also Pilfousek Brigade) was formed from the Mobile Group 8 July 1941 and was upgraded to the Mobile Division in August 1941.


Rudolf Pilfousek

Order of battle (21 July 1941)

Motorized Reconnaissance Group
  Armored Car Platoon
  Anti-Tank Platoon
  2 x Bicycle Company
  Engineer Platoon
2/6. Infantry Regiment (mot)
  Radio Platoon
  Anti-Tank Platoon
  Mortar Platoon
  Infantry Gun Section
  3 x Infantry Company
  Machine Gun Company
Armored Regiment
  Staff Company
  2 x Tank Company
  3 x Anti-Tank Company
1/11. Armored Regiment
  Radio Platoon
  3 x Battery (100mm howitzers)
  1 x Battery (105mm guns)
Engineer Company
Radio Company
15. Anti-aircraft Battery
Automobile Repair Shop
315. Truck Column


One of the three OA vz. 27 heavy armored cars used by Slovakian forces, 1941
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)


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Reference material on this unit

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