The 2. Infantry Division  was formed from the Security Division in August 1943 and transferred to Italy after all its armour was sent to Slovakia. It was stationed in various parts of Italy until the end of the war (though never fighting the allies or partisants) when the whole division (now designated 2. Technical Division) fought along side the partisans in Lombardy.
The commander of the division, Colonel Imro, deserted to the American forces 30 July 1944 together with his Chief of Staff Captain Hujs.

See also the previous 2. Infantry Division and the 2. Infantry Division of the Army of Eastern Slovakia / Slovak National Uprising.


Colonel Pilfousek (1 Aug 1943 - 1 July 1944)
Colonel Imro (1 July 1944 - 30 July 1944)
Colonel Veselý (30 July 1944 - 8 May 1945)

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