28. Infantry Division was formed on 22 November 1943 and stationed in Komotini as part of 2. Corps. Consisted of 10th, 58th infantry regiment, 6th Cavalry Regiment, temporary mixed arty regiment. Demobilised and disbanded on 07 October 1944.


Major-General Kiril Bedjev (6 Dec 1943 - 1944)
Colonel Stanimir Gyrnev (1944)

Order of battle

10th Rhodopes Infantry Regiment
   On 20 Apr 1941 sent to Aegean and located near Dedeağaç (Alexandroupoli).
   In 1942 is part of the Screening front facing Turkey.
   In November 1943 is again sent to Aegean as part of 2nd corps
   25 Oct 1944 returns to peacetime location in Haskovo.
   Participated in the 2nd phase of the war against the Axis in 1945 as part of 10. division.
     Col. Petar Lazarov (1945)
     Col. Veselion Vylkov (since 23 Feb 1945)
58th Gyumyurdjina Infantry Regiment (Komotini Regiment)
   Formed on 23.07.1941 in Komotini. Forms later part of 16. division.
   March 1942 renamed to 58th.
   25 Oct 1944 relocates to Dupnitza, Bulgaria.
   Participates in the 2nd phase of the war against the Axis as part of 16. division.
     Lt.Col Ivan Bonev (1941-1942)
     Lt. Col. Blagoy Zlatanov
6th Cavalry Regiment
   Part of the Covering front against Turkey since 01.03.1941.
   In July 1941 relocated to Komotini as part of the White Sea Unit, later 16. division.
   In 1942 relocated to Alexandroupoli.
   Participates in the first phase of the war against the Axis in 1941 as part of 2. Cavalry Brigade.
     Lt.Col. Boris Gaydarov

Sources used

Research by Dimitar Boykov
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