24. Infantry Division was formed on 11 March 1943 in Ujice, Yugoslavia. It consisted of 61st and 64th Regiments and was disbanded in December 1944.


Col. Nikola Grozdanov (31 Mar 1943 - 06 Dec 1943)
Maj-General Simeon Simov (06 Dec 1943 - ?)

Order of battle

61st Infantry Regiment
   Formed in March 1943 as part of 24. division. Disbanded in September 1944
     Col. Angel Nikolov
     Col. Radi Balabanski
64th Infantry Regiment
   Formed on 10 March 1943 in Shumen, Bulgaria from cadres from 7th, 8th and 19th Infantry Regiments. Part of 24. Division.
   Disbanded on 20 September 1944
     Lt.-Col. Krum Georgiev

Sources used

Research by Dimitar Boykov
George F. Nafziger - Bulgarian Order of Battle in World War II

Reference material on this unit

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