14. Infantry Division Vardar was formed on 28 July 1941 in Skopje, Macedonia. Consisted of 51st, 52nd, 53rd Infantry Regiments, 14th Divisional Arty Regiment, 14th Engineer Battalion, 1st horse engineer squadron, 14th rear company, 14th divisional hospital. HQ in Skopje. Disbanded on 22 September 1944.


Maj-General Petar Penev (1941)
Col. Aleksander Popdimitrov (1942)
Col. Stefan Nedev (1944)

Order of battle

51st Infantry Vardar Regiment
   Formed in 06.1941. Part of 14th Division. Stationed in Skopje, Macedonia.
   Disbanded on 20.09.1944.
     Lt.-Col. Dimitar Glavanakov (15.09.1941)
     Lt.-Col. Stojno Bachinski (25.06.1942)
52nd Morava Regiment
   Formed in June 1941. Part of 14th division. 1st battalion is stationed in Vranja, 2nd battalion in Kumanovo.
   On 20 March 1941 2nd battalion is transfered to the newly formed 53rd Osogovo Regiment.
   Disbanded in the end of September 1944
     Col. Hristo Arabov (1942)
     Lt.-Col. Liubomir Gryncharov (11.09.1943)
     Lt.-Col. Mihail Karolev (1944)
53rd Osogovo Regiment
   Formed in March 1943 in Kumanovo from the 2nd battalion of 52nd Regiment.
   Disbanded on 01 Oct 1944.
     Lt.-Col. Todor Sapundjiev.  

Sources used

Research by Dimitar Boykov
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