(Zehnte Verordnung zum Peichsb├╝rgergesetz)
Gist of the law: Forcible congregation of Jews in the "Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland".
Document Number: 2876-PS
Date: 4 July 1939
Reichsgesetzblatt-Page: I.1097
Signed by: Frick, Rust, Kerrl, Hess



Tenth Decree Relating to the Reich Citizenship Law of July 4, 1939.

On the basis of section 3 of the Reich citizenship law of 15 September 1935 (Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1146) the following is hereby decreed:

Article 1.

Reich Association of the Jews.

Section 1.
(1) The Jews will be united into a Reich Association.
(2) The Reich association is an organization endowed with legal personality. It bears the name "Reich Association of the Jews", and has its headquarters in Berlin.
(3) The Reich association uses the Jewish worship congregations as local branch offices.

Section 2.
(1) The Reich association has the purpose of promoting the emigration of the Jews.
(2) The Reich association is likewise:
a. Supporter of the Jewish school instruction.
b. Supporter of the voluntary Jewish welfare administration.
(3) The Reich minister of the interior may transfer other missions to the Reich association.

Section 3.
(1) All Jewish citizens and stateless Jews belong to the Reich association, who have their residence or their customary abode in Reich territory.
(2) In case of a mixed-marriage, the Jewish partner is a member only,



a. If the man is the Jewish partner and there are no offspring from the marriage, or,
b. If the offspring are considered as Jews.
(3) Jews of foreign nationality and those Jews living in mixed marriage, who are not members by virtue of provision 2, are permitted to join the Reich association.

Section 4.
The Reich association is subject to the supervision of the Reich minister of the interior; its statutes require his approval.

Section 5.
(1) The Reich Minister of the Interior may dissolve Jewish clubs, organizations and foundations or decree their incorporation in the Reich Association.
(2) In case of dissolution, the regulations of the civil law are valid for the liquidation. The Reich Minister of the Interior can however appoint and recall administrators and regulate the type of liquidation in departing from the provisions of civil law. After the liquidation is carried out, the property of the dissolved Jewish organizations is to be transferred to the Reich Association.
(3) In case of incorporation, the property of the affected Jewish organizations devolves to the Reich Association. A liquidation does not take place in these cases. The Reich Association is responsible with all its property for the obligation incurred by the incorporated organization (institution).
(4) The Reich Minister of the Interior may abolish and change statutory provisions and resolutions of Jewish organizations and ' foundations, if they have decided upon regulations concerning the disposal of the property in departing from these provisions. Jews who have profited in some manner as a result of the subsequently repealed statutory provisions or resolutions, are obliged to give it up to the Reich association in accordance with the fundamentals of unjustifiable enrichment.

The Reich Minister of the Interior

The Deputy of the Fuehrer

The Reich Minister of Education

The Reich Minister of Church Affairs