(Verordnung zur Ausschltung der Juden aus dem deutschen Wirtschaftsleben)
Gist of the law: Barring Jews from trade and crafts.
Document Number: 2875-PS
Date: 12 Nov 1938
Reichsgesetzblatt-Page: I.1580
Signed by: Göring



Decree Relating to the Exclusion of Jews from the German Economic Life of November 12, 1938

Pursuant to the decree for the execution of the four year plan of 18 October 1936 (Reichsgesetzblatt I, p. 887), the following is being decreed :

Section 1
(1) Jews (sec. 5 of the first decree relating to the Reich citizenship law of 14 November 1935-Reichsgesetzbl. I, p. 1333) are excluded from the operation of individual retail shops, exporting' firms, sales agencies [Bestell Kontoren], as well as the independent operation of a trade, effective 1 January.
(2) Furthermore, effective the same day, they are prohibited to offer merchandise or business services on markets of all types, fairs or exhibitions, to advertise for such or accept orders for such.
(3) Jewish business establishments (third decree pursuant to the Reich citizenship law of 14 June 1938, Reichsgesetzbl. 1, p. 627) which are being operated in violation of this decree are to be closed down by the police.

Section 2
(1) Effective 1 January 1939, a Jew can no longer be manager of an establishment as defined by the law relating to the organization of national labor of 20 January 1934 (Reichsgesetzbl. I, p. 45).
(2) If a Jew is employed as an executive in a business enterprise, he may be dismissed with 6 weeks' notice. After the expiration of this notice, all claims of the employee derived from the denounced contract become invalid, especially claims for retirement or dismissal pay.

Section 3
(1) No Jew may be a member of a cooperative [Genossenschaft].
(2) Jewish members of cooperatives will be separated effective 31 December 1938. No special notice is required.

Section 4
The minister of economics is empowered to issue regulations necessary for the implementation of this decree with the approval of the Reich ministers concerned. He may allow excep-



tions where, due to the transfer of Jewish business establishments into non-Jewish hands or due to the liquidation of Jewish business establishments or in special cases, this is required in order to safeguard the requirements of the public.

The Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan
Field Marshal

Berlin, November 12, 1938