Gist of the law: Establishment of separate Jewish schools
Document Number: 2894-PS
Date: 10 Sep 1935
Reichsgesetzblatt-Page: - (published in Documents of German Politics, 1937, p.152)
Signed by: ?


DOCUMENTS OF GERMAN POLITICS [Dokumente der Deutschen Politik] Published by Reg-Rat Paul Meier, Berlin, 1937, page 152.

General decree of September 10, 1935 issued by Reichsminister, Rust, on the establishment of separate Jewish schools :

"* * * The establishment of public and private Jewish schools has indeed led to a certain separation of those Jewish school children who belong to the Hebraic [Mosaischen] religion. The separation according to religions is however insufficient for a national socialist school system. The establishment of National Socialist class communities as a basis of a youth education, based on the idea of Germanism [Volkstungedanken] is possible only if a clear separation of the children is carried through according to the races they belong to.

Therefore from the school year of 1936 on, I intend to separate according to race, as completely as possible, all German subjects attending any type of school * * *."