If the Allies Had Fallen: Sixty Alternate Scenarios of World War II
Dennis Showalter & Harold Deutsch (ed.)

For an alternative history publication about WW2 its scope and depth leave others off its ilk in its wake on those attributes alone. With contributions from Glantz, D’Este, Overy and Hoffmann to name but a few, the scenarios put forward are compelling in there realistic attainability.

The whole range of the popular WI’s is catered for within this publication and many if not all of the scenario’s have been discussed (many at length) within the AHF’s very own WI section. With that in mind many of those threads could be re-invigorated by some of the arguments raised here.

From the pre-War build-up, through the various Polish, and Western 1940 campaign scenario’s, the war in Russia, to the Pacific and North Africa, all are extensively covered. Additionally chapters dealing with more specific scenario’s are dealt with in areas devoted to Ultra, the war at sea and in the air, the role of Hitler and If Hitler had won the war.

The sixty scenarios are covered within the 282 chapter pages, with additional few pages devoted to a quick bio of the 19 authors who contributed to this work, plus a small foreword and introduction. There are no photographs within and few maps to help with the conceptualisation of certain scenarios.

In terms of rating this book, I would give it 4stars for those interested in Alternative Histories, and 3stars for the more general reader.

(Reviewed by Andy H)
Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

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