Pointe du Hoc
Peter Howard

Pointe du Hoc are the name of the cliffs located on the beach of Normandie. On D-day 6th of June 1944 it was considered a key target. Located between Utah and Omaha beach landing zones and with its 100 feet high cliffs and expected to be heavily fortified with 155mm guns, it was crucial to take it out to secure a succesful
Beach landing on Utah and Omaha.
This mission was assigned the US 2nd Ranger battalion. The operation was lead by lieutenant-colonel James A. Rudder.
The Rangers suffered heavy losses in this battle.

The book consists of 96 pages and are divided in 6 chapters with lots of photos both period and new. Worth mention are the beautiful Pictures of the handguns and support weapons. Detailed drawings of  bunkers, observation posts and flak shelters as well as maps gives a very detailed overview of the fortifications. The balance of photos and text are a perfect mix, making it pleasure to read.

The first chapter covers the history of the Rangers and their training , chapter 2 cover the training in England and are followed in chapter 3 with a description  on the weaponry and equipment used in the operation. Next part covers the opposing German forces and their weaponry and fortfications. Part 5 are about the assault and the Rangers heavy losses when securing Pointe du Hoc. Final chapter adresses the aftermath and gives a brief information on lieutenant-colonels Rudders carrier after WW 2.

I really enjoyed reading this book and the balance between text and pictures are close to perfect. Well written and one of thoose books you dont want to stop reading once you have started.
As I mentioned earlier Im very impressed with the photos and illustrations of this book. Illustrations and text goes hand in hand throughout the book.
I do recommend this book for everyone interested in WW2 operations.

(Reviewed by Kenneth Olofsson)
Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

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