T-34 in Action
Artem Drabkin & Oleg Sheremet

The title was some misgiving for the reviewer because he had expected a more technical description of the T 34 tank. But the book has a value due to it gives a good insight of the tactics that the Soviet Union used during the Second World War.

The book consist of number of independent chapters were twelve different Soviet war veterans in different positions are describing their part as a crew in the Russian T 34 tank. The book is giving a number of interesting views how the Soviet Union made adjustments to their  combat technique due to the better German tanks.

In the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the Russians had an advantage against the Germans due to better protection and firepower than the German Pzkfw II and IV. During the later part of the war the Germans got an advantage against the Russians due to better tanks like Pzkfw V Panther and Pzkfw VI.

An interesting detail, which is described by lot of the former platoon and company commanders, was their choice how to lead their unit. They often choose to lead their unit at the driver’s seat because they felt that they were more protected in the hull then in the turret. The reason was that the enemy fire from other tanks usually hit the upper part of the tank. From a leadership perspective it had been interesting to know how the crew felt when their commander chooses to lead the unit from the driver´s seat.

The book is interesting and has small drawings which describe some of the mentioned battles. It gives in good insight into the ordinary armored soldier in the Soviet army during Second World War.

(Reviewed by Mats D.)

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