Light Tanks: T 27, T 38, BT, T 26, T 40, T 50, T 60, T 70
Mikhail Baryatinskiy

The Soviet Union had already during the 1920’ies been influenced by West European and American tank constructions. The American Walther Christie and the British Vickers-Company inspired the Soviet production of the T 26 and BT tanks.

The first chapter of the book describes the early domestic tank production in the Soviet Union. It is among other things interesting to see that the Soviet Union started the production of a copy of the French FT 17 tank as early as 1919.

The next chapters describe the different tanks from the T 26 to the T 70 as well as the different BT tanks. I learnt many very interesting details that I was not aware of before.

The book contains roughly 40 B/W drawings and about 15 coloured drawings. These are with much better quality than in the book “The IS tanks”. The drawings are complemented with roughly 100 pictures from the war and of tanks presented at different museums around Russia. The book contains almost 100 pages.

The book is a must for the model maker and in addition it gives a good overview of the different Russians light tanks that where in use during ”The Great Patriotic War”

This in yet another excellent book by the author who wrote the “The IS tanks”.
I strongly recommend it and rate it five out of five.

(Reviewed by Mats D.)
Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

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