Führerliste der Waffen-SS Part 1
John P. Moore

This, the first part (of four) of the "Führerliste der Waffen-SS" (second edition) series includes two CDs with the below information on the officers of the Waffen-SS:

CD 1
Officer list

CD 2

The officer list provides details on the promotions on the officers. The personalakten are scans of the original personnel files from the high awards holders A-G (these include holders of the Knight's Cross and German Cross for example), a total of 3.341 pages from 347 personnel files. The addendum includes list of offices for 20 of the Waffen-SS divisions, list of the graves of officers, photos of over 300 of those graves and finally KIA lists for 18 divisions.

Part two of this series covers the officers H-O (a total of 3.837 pages from 401 personnel files), part three P-V (a total of 3.796 pages from 373 personnel files) and the fourth and final part covers W-Z  (a total of 964 pages from 84 personnel files) as well as the records of those recommended for the Knights Cross or German Cross but not approved and finally material from 52 other personalities including Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich and Jonas Lie.

This material is very detailed, so it is definitely of great use to anyone have an interest in the Waffen-SS (either those who have a special interest in the personalities or those who research the formations) and in particular those who have the need for such details in their research.

Personally I'm one of those who prefer to have my reference material in books rather than on CDs, but it is of course a matter of personal opinion and it is naturally possible to print the information available on these CDs.

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(Reviewed by Marcus Wendel)