Sniper Ace
From the Eastern Front to Siberia
Bruno Sutkus

‘Gradually they were getting paranoid at the way I kept picking off their men one after the other and nobody felt safe anymore. The slightest wrong move in the trenches and someone received a bullet to the head’ so writes Bruno Sutkus

Sniper Ace is an honest, detailed account of a German sniper on the Eastern Front, one of the most successful snipers of the Second World War

Bruno Sutkus lived a remarkable life. He cheated death numerous times, both on the battlefield and after the war, when peace was not to be found for those exiles suffering unimaginable degradation in Siberian gulags. His story is not just a history of the desperate fighting on the Eastern Front, but also brings to light the experiences of one of the most celebrated German snipers and his fight for survival as a hated enemy of the victorious Russians

Bruno Sutkos was born in East Prussia in 1924. Serving in the Wehrmacht 68th Infantry Division he was awarded numerous medals, including the Snipers Badge in Gold.
After many years in exile in Siberia, he was welcomed in Lithuania as a war hero (since had helped the Lithuanian resistance after the wars end) and went on to advise their army on sniping skills.

He died in Germany on August 29th 2003.

The book is well illustrated with some 40 pages of pictures out of its total of 208.

(Reviewed by Andy H)
Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

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