Hitlers Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front
Robert Kirchubel

Hitlers Panzer Armies spearheaded the German Blitzkrieg on the Eastern Front. They played a key role in every major campaign, not simply as practical tools but also as operational weapons that shaped strategy. Their extraordinary triumphs and eventual defeat mirror the fate of the German forces in the East. Unusually, no previous study has concentrated on the history of these formations in the biter struggle against the Soviet Union. Kirchubels interesting and well researched account of the operational history of the panzer armies fills this gap in the literature. In addition it gives a graphic insight into the organisation, tactics, fighting methods and morale of the Wehrmacht at the height of its powers and as it struggled to defend Germany itself.

Using a wide range of sources, including many firsthand accounts seen for the first time in English, the author reconstructs the operations of the panzer armies from the launch of Operation Barbaross in 1941 to the German collapse in May 1945

Kirchubel follows each army and its men through the series of massive offensives and counteroffensives that stretched from the Baltic to the Caucasus. Their campaigns included the ill-fated assault on Moscow, anti-partisan ops in the Balkans and the defence of Germany itself.

This study is a valuable addition to the history of the conflict on the Eastern Front from 1941-45, and helps in understanding the part played by armoured formations in WW2
This highly informative and absorbing book has some 17 maps showing various actions undertaken and is neatly split into 5 chapters, a concluding chapter and two substantial appendices detailing the various Commanders of the armies and an excellent OoB.

(Reviewed by Andy H)
Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

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