Luftwaffe Seaplanes 1939-1945: An Illustrated History
Chris Goss & Bernd Rauchbach

This book is a pictorial history of the seaplanes used by the Luftwaffe and it divided into the below chapters:
Blohm & Voss
Seaplanes in Colour (6 pages)
Seaplane aircrew
Index (places, persons, ships and units)

The photos are of a good quality and the captions, if a bit brief at times, are informative and the index makes the book extra useful.

However, there is no overview of the main types of seaplanes that could give the reader information on things such as technical specifications or the number of planes built, nor is there even a brief overview of how the Luftwaffe used the seaplanes or how the units in question were organised.

These things make this book little more than a photo album, disappointing for a book with the subtitle “An illustrated history”. If you are looking for photos of the seaplanes, this is a very good book, but if you are looking for an "illustrated history" of the Luftwaffe's use of seaplanes, I recommend "Sea Eagles: Luftwaffe Anti-Shipping Units" by Chris Goss, one of the authors of this title.

(Reviewed by Marcus Wendel)

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