Fields of War: Fifty key battlefields in France and Belgium
Robert Mueller

This guide for the battlefield tourist or military history buff visiting Belgium and northern France covers battlefields from a handful in the Hundred Years war over the War of the Spanish Succession and the Franco-Prussian War before moving into the focus of the book, the First and Second World Wars.

Each battlefield is covered in the same basic way; first a short overview of the forces and result followed by a  history of the battle itself, often with a map showing the battle, to give some background to those unfamiliar with the specifics, then a guide to the battlefield for the visitor and other interesting sites nearby.

This 400 page book is highly detailed and is a very good companion for anyone with an interest in these aspects of our history who is visiting the area, the downside is the lack of present day maps of the sites and the limited number of photos.
It is highly recommended for those visiting the area planning to visit some of the famous battlefields, especially those of the world wars.

(Reviewed by Marcus Wendel)
Thanks to the author for the review copy.

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