Panzerregiment Großdeutschland im Einsatz
Der Eliteverband der deutschen Panzerwaffe
Hans J Jung

Grossdeutschland means elite for many, the Panzerregiment was equipped with the famous Tigers and saw action on many different places on the Eastern front. The book by Hans-Joachim Jung is an attempt to write the regiments history. For myself who hardly have read anything about Grossdeutschland did I find the book pretty interesting, several interesting accounts by former veterans and colourful reports from the front lines. It gives extra strength to the book, no matter what topic, if one can read first hand information from veterans.

Overall is this book an excellent work for basic reading about Panzerregiment Grossdeutschland. I personally miss a lot of information. For example, the formation and initial battles between 1940 and 1942 is written on 1½ pages! There must have been more events that occurred during this time, even if it’s only formation information. The book do have chapters for the battles during the summer offensive in 1942 and the actions in Rehsw the same year. But it's a major loss that it doesn't gives more detailed information in the early phase of the regiments existence! As a “list fanatic” do I miss detailed lists of turret numbers of the regiments tanks, Feldpostnummer list also do I miss a list of all the high decorated personalities of the regiment. The book also lacks of what kind of Tigers they used, something that would have satisfied the “panzer fanatics”, no need for super detailed information but a general list of what models etc the Panzerregiment Grossdeutschland used had been an asset.

It feels that much more could be added, parts of such information mentioned above do I know exists in other works. With a little extra work by the author would make it more complete and informative. This to attract more potential customers. Something I’d also like to read more about is the panzer battle in Kursk, that chapter is well written but still, more information about this major panzer battle is wanted.

The book contains several fairly detailed battle reports, illustrated with maps etc. Such reports are always interesting to read. As for illustrations, the book contains many photos of good quality and fit well into the book. The captions could have been a little more extensive but it’s always a matter of space.

Despite lacking of lists etc mentioned above is it a generally a very good and informative book. For one who isn’t familiar with the topic it’s an excellent book to begin with. For one more advanced reader/researcher does it have its highlights but own research would certain dig up more information about the Panzerregiment “Grossdeutschland”.

(Reviewed by Martin Månsson)

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