The Memorial to Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto (Pomnik Bohaterów Getta w Warszawie) was designed by Nathan Rappaport and was raised in 1948.


One of the stones that mark the way between the Memorial to Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto and the Umschlagplatz Memorial.


Umschlagplatz Memorial (Pomnik Umschlagplatz) was designed by Hanna Szmalenberg and Władysław Klamerus and was opened in 1988. It is designed to resemble an open freight car as this was the location where Jews were gathered for deportation to the Treblinka extermination camp.


Another view of the Umschlagplatz Memorial.


Memorial depticting the so-called Warschauer Kniefall when Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt in during a visit to the former Warsaw Ghetto in 1970 kneeled down after laying down a wreath at a monument.