Trondenes, Norway
40,6 cm cannon.


Arquebus krigshistorisk museum

5563 Førdesfjorden
Photos from the museum
Includes 20 mm Flak, Krupp "Protze", 88 mm Flak, 4cm Flak 28, 150cm Scheinwerfer, Goliat, VW Schwimmvagen and handguns.


Austrått fort

Ørlandet (east of Trondheim)
Photos from the museum
The last remaining triple turret of the Gneisenau, fully equipped inside, and lots of additional equipment and guns.


Dombås Krigsminnesamling

Hinden Leir v/Jora Miljøstasjon
2660 Dombås


Ergan Kystfort

6430 Bud
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Akerhus Festning
Oslo, Norway
Photos from the museum
Includes Panzer I and Goliath.

Forsvarsmuseet Flysamlingen

Gardermoen, Norway
Includes He-111 and Ju-52.


Gudbrandsdal krigsminnesamling

N-2642 Kvam


Kanonmuseet i Kristiansand

Kristiansand, Norway
Photos from the museum


Kvalvik Fort

Kvalvik (Outside Kristiansund)
Photos from the museum
Mostly open air, but one tunnel rigged with equipment and some vehichles. Lots of interesting bunkers, but also a 12cm K370(b), 15cm SKL/45, and two 53cm Torpedoes.


Lofoten krigsminnemuseum

Svolvær, Norway


Museet Fjell festning

Sotra island outside Bergen, Norway
Gigantic coastal battery opened for the public May 2005. One of the tripleturrets from Gneisenau was once here, but it was scrapped in the 50`s, left today is the huge tunnelsystems, now restored as museum, in addition to the biggest collection of German standarized bunkers in Norway (Regelbauten).


Nordland Røde Kors Krigsminnemuseum

Narvik, Norway


Norsk Luftfartsmuseum

Bodø, Norway


Ny-Hellesund kystfort

Ny-Hellesund island outside Søgne, southern Norway
Photos from the museum
Open air museum made by Forsvarshistorisk Forening Kristiansand, the area is cleaned up, secured and free to access on your own. Includes 2 K331(f) in R671 bunkers, 1 K331(f) in open emplacement, 3,7cm Pak 181(f), 40mm Bofors AA gun and a 150cm Scheinwerfer with generator in Fl277 bunker.


Oscarsborg festningsmuseum

Drøbak south of Oslo, Norway
Photos from the museum
Huge museum located on the old Norwegian fortressisland Oscarsborg. Houses the Norwegian coastal artillery museum, fully equipped torpedobattery, the guns rages from 28cm down to small arms, including most of the German coastal artillery types.


Sola Flyhistoriske Museum

Stavanger, Norway
Photos from the museum
Includes Fiesler Storch, Catalina, Me 109 G1-R2 currently under restauration, Arado 96 currently under restauration.


Tellevik Kystfort

Åsane, Bergen (Next to E39 mainroad)
Photos from the museum
Lots of interesting equipment rigged in the bunkers, several guns on outdoor display, K331(f), K332(f), 10,5cm Skc/32, 3,7cm Skc/30 60 cm Scheinwerfer. Also an RSO and a FT17 tank under restauration.


Tirpitz Museum

9518 Alta


Troms Forsvarsmuseum

Blokkveien 5
9250 Bardu/Setermoen


Tromsø Forsvarsmuseum

(Tromsø Defence Museum)
Prestvannvn. 4B
Tromsø, Norway
Photos from the museum
A historic exhibition of the Second World War in an ex-German naval battery, and an exhibition about the battle ship "Tirpitz" that was sunk outside the Håkøya island on 12th November 1944.