Flygflottilj 19 (Swedish name) / Lentorykmentti 19 (Finnish name) was a Swedish volunteer unit formed by the decision of the Swedish cabinet on 14 December 1939. Its original name was Flygflottilj 101 (F101), changed to Lentorykmentti 5 (not to be confused with the later Finnish unit of the same name) on 5 January 1940, until receiving its final name Flygflottilj 19 (F19) on 9 January 1940.

Unit's maximum strength was 12 Gloster Gladiator (J8A) fighters and 4 Hawker Hart (B4A) light bombers. It flew its first operational flights in Finnish Lapland on 12 January 1940. After the end of the Winter War the remaining F19 aircraft returned to Sweden between 29 March and 8 April 1940.


Major Hugo Beckhammar

Sources used

Research by Mikko H.

Reference material on this unit

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