Jalkaväkirykmentti 101 (Infantry Regiment 101) was formed on 28 April 1942 out of Erillinen Pataljoona 21, 22 and 23 (Separate Battalion 21, 22 & 23), punishment formations for offenders against military discipline and political prisoners. (Note that these were not used for near-suicidal missions like e.g. the Soviet punishment battalions, but for rather ordinary front service where an offender could redeem himself with good service.) Military offenders were volunteers, political prisoners not.

ErP 21 was founded in August 1941. Political prisoners were removed to a separate labor company in late September, after a number of them deserted to the enemy during the first battle. Thereafter the battalion & regiment consisted only of military offenders, and fought reasonably well. ErP 22 was founded in March 1942 and ErP 23 later in the year. When Jalkaväkirykmentti 101 was being deactivated, a fourth battalion, ErP 24 was founded out of the regiment's personnel replacement center (henkilöstötäydennyskeskus).

Jalkaväkirykmentti 101 was deactivated in November - December 1943 and its battalions transferred to other units as ordinary infantry battalions. E/JR 101 (HQ of Infantry Regiment 101) became E/21.Pr (HQ of 21st Brigade) on 6 December 1943. ErP 24 was the only unit of the former JR 101 to be incorporated in the 21.Pr as IV/21.Pr (IV Battalion of the 21st Brigade).

Note. This unit history covers the Continuation War unit with this name, there was no continuity between similarly numbered regiments during in the Winter War and Continuation War.


majuri Kunto Karmo (28 April 1942 - 24 May 1942)
everstiluutnantti Yrjö Hanste (24 May 1942 - 5 Dec 1943) (1)


1. Promoted to eversti on 16 September 1942.

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