(also Legion Suhača (Legija Suhača))
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in 1941 in and around the village of Suhača/10 km SE of Bosanski Novi. Although named after this village, its permanent garrison was in Bosanski Novi. (1)

Operational History

1-2 Jan 42: Company in action to free the surrounded garrison in the village of Budimlić Japra, losing 10 killed and 4 wounded. The Partisans lost an estimated 20 killed.
29 Jan 42: Company lost the village of Agići/7 km south of Suhača after a 6-hour fight with elements of the Partisan 1st Krajina NOP Detachment.
Jun 42: participated in Operation “West-Bosnien”.
22 Feb 43: Company operating along the north bank of the Sana River together with elements of German Grenadier-Rgt. 721/714. Inf.Div. No further mention of the Company has been found.


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Reference material on this unit

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