by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in 1942 in Teslić/30 km SW of Doboj in Central Bosnia, but initially as a company. (1)

Operational History

1 Jan 43: in defense of Teslić, which was captured by strong Partisan forces on 2 January. The Battalion was all-Moslem and had an estimated 800 men.
15 Jan 43: had a Bn. HQ with 1st – 7th Co. and was under Croatian 4th Division/II Corps.
17-18 Jan 43: took part in the retaking of Teslić this date.
14 Mar 43: 4th Co. was attacked in nearby Tešanj by two battalions from the Partisan 1st Krajina NOU Brigade and successfully defended the town until reinforcements arrived from Teslić.
14 Apr 43: Bn. HQ and 1st Co. in Teslić, 2d Co. in Rošulje, 3d Co. in Gračanica, 4th Co. in Tešanj, 5th Co. in Makljenovac/3 km SW of Doboj, and 6th Co. in Maglaj/25 km SE of Teslić. Battalion under Croatian II Corps for administrative purposes and under German 369. Inf.Div. (kroat.) for operations.
24 Jul 43: Bn. HQ, 1st Co. and 3d Co. in Teslić, 2d Co. in Jelah/13 km NE of Teslić, 4th Co. in Tešanj, 5th Co. in Makljenovac, and 6th Co. in Maglaj. Subordination unchanged from 14 April.
25-26 Jul 43: Bn. successfully defended Tešanj and Jelah during attacks by two Partisan brigades.
8-9 Sep 43: 200 men from the Battalion assisted the Domobran 4th Jäger Regiment in a successful defense of Teslić against an attack by the Partisan 11th Assault Division.
1 Apr 44: Bn. in Teslić and nearby towns and villages - renamed III Bn./6th Garrison Brigade on or about this date.


Satnik Avdo Ferizbegović (? - ?) Jan 1943


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