by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in Kotor Varoš/36 km SE of Banja Luka early 1942 and subordinated to the Banja Luka Brigade. (1)

Operational History

Jun 42: Bn. had 4 companies - participated in Operation “West-Bosnien.”
2-3 Dec 42: Kotor Varoš was taken this date by the Partisan 1st Proletarian Assault Brigade and some of the men from the Battalion were taken prisoner. Kotor Varoš was retaken on 7 December by a battalion from the German 714. Inf.Div. and Domdo Battalion Kotorište returned to the town as the garrison security force. On 10 December the town was captured for the second time by a strong Partisan force and the main body of the Battalion surrendered.
1 Feb 43: now in Čelinac/15 km SE of Banja Luka as Domdo Company Kotorište after losing most of its personnel in Kotor Varoš on 10 December. A few days later German and Chetnik forces retook Kotor Varoš during Operation “Weiss” and the Domdo Company once again moved in as the garrison security force.
20 Mar 43: Company ordered disarmed and disbanded this date by 714. Inf.Div., with the order to be carried out by the Croatian Banja Luka Brigade. The reason for this action was not given, but it is suspected that the Co. was in sympathy with the Partisans.




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