by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed early 1942 in Banja Luka and assigned to the Banja Luka Brigade. (1)

Operational History

Jun – Jul 42: carried out rear area security duties during Operation “West-Bosnien” with its HQ in Krmine/25 km S of Banja Luka.
30 Sep – 9 Oct 42: 2d and 5th Co. participated in Operation “Manjača Mountains” under the German 714. Inf.Div. against Partisan groups in the mountainous area directly south of Banja Luka.
2-7 Nov 42: Battalion had a total of 7 companies by this date - 4th, 5th and 6th Co. took part in Operation “Lug” under 714. Inf.Div. against Partisan concentrations in the Japra Valley to the west of Sanski Most.
3 Jan 43: Bn. strength given as 749 officers and men.
10 Jan 43: Bn. elements successfully defended Omarska/NW of Banja Luka during a 4-hour attack by the Partisan 1st Krajina NOU Brigade with both sides sustaining light losses.
10 Feb 43: Bn. was responsible for guarding the railway between Bos. Novi and Prijedor.
Mar 43: renamed I Bn./Domdo Regiment Banja Luka.




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