by H.L. deZeng IV

Similar to their German counterpart (Bahnhofskommandantur = Office of the Railway Station Commander), the Croatian armed forces had one for the train stations in Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Osijek, Karlovac, Sarajevo and a half-dozen to a dozen other cities and towns in the country. The commander himself was usually a Podpukovnik (Lt.Col.) or a Bojnik (Maj.) for the larger cities and towns, and a Nadsatnik (Capt. 1st Class) or a Satnik (Capt.) for the smaller ones. They exercised executive authority over all military matters concerning rail traffic through their station and military personnel passing through the station. The commander’s staff varied according to the size of the station, but usually ranged between 2 or 3 and 12. The total number of these that were established and the identity of the commanders is not known.