(III. samovozna bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed November 1941 or shortly thereafter in Sarajevo by renumbering the II Motor Transport Battalion. (1)

10 Apr 42: 3d Chauffeur (or Automobile) Co./III Motor Transport Bn. stationed in Mostar.
Feb 43: HQ in Sarajevo under III Corps with 2d Motor Transport Co. in Sarajevo and 3d Motor Transport Co. in Mostar attached to the 6th Infantry Division. The 1st Motor Transport Co. is not identified (but see below for 20 May 44). At the end of the month, the Battalion reported that it only had a total of 2 medium trucks, 2 light trucks and 2 automobiles in Sarajevo. This figure did not include its 3d MT Co. in Mostar.
Aug 43: Sarajevo - Battalion designated as the replacement source for motor transport troops assigned to the 2d and 4th Jäger Brigades.
1 Dec 43: 3d Motor Transport Co. in Dubrovnik attached to the 6th Infantry Division, with one truck platoon detached in Mostar.
1 Mar 44: 3d MT Co. now back in Mostar.
20 May 44: the Battalion’s 1st Motor Transport Co. identified in Vitina/25 km NW of Metković in Dalmatia in a personnel strength of 2 officers, 13 NCOs and 57 men.
Aug 44: HQ in Sarajevo with 1st MT Co. operating along the Dalmatian coastal area between Dubrovnik and Split, and the 2d MT Co. operating or divided between Sarajevo and Mostar.
14 Dec 44: HQ in Sarajevo.
1945: no further information.


Podpukovnik Marko Podrug (c. Nov 1941 - ?)


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