(Domobranska zastavnička škola)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 20 July 1941 in Zagreb. The first class of 189 graduated at the beginning of April 1942, with 127 going to the infantry, 30 to the artillery, 15 to the engineers, 12 to the Air Force, 3 to transportation, 1 to cavalry and 1 to signal. All of these graduates were promoted to Zastavnik and all or nearly all had actually received their 8 months of instruction in Dresden/Germany. Whether or not this practice was followed with subsequent classes is unclear. The School was still noted as being in Zagreb in December 1943. No further details have been found. (1)


Pukovnik Viktor Pavičić (20 Jul 1941 - Jul 1942)
Pukovnik Milivoj Durbešić (Jul 1942 - ? ) Dec 1942


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