(I. konjanička sklop)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed summer 1941 in Zagreb. I and II Cavalry Group served mainly as rear area training and replacement formations for the combat-deployed Zagreb Cavalry Regiment. (1)

Operational History


Aug – Dec 41: formation and training in Zagreb with limited employment in the field. No significant action reported.


10 Apr 42: marched in the anniversary parade in Zagreb marking the first year of the Independent State of Croatia.
22 Oct 42: one of the Group’s squadrons (2d Squadron?) stationed in Varaždin lost about a third of its strength in fighting with the Kalnik NOP Detachment near Apatovac in the Križevci area.


Feb 43: Group HQ still in Zagreb.
27 Feb – 8 Mar 43: 1st (Assault) Squadron and the Recruit Squadron participated in Operation “Mirko” in the Kalnik and Bilogora Mountains.
15 Mar 43: the Recruit Squadron was stationed in Ludbreg and carried out continuous patrols in the surrounding countryside in search of Partisans.
6 Sep 43: engaged against elements of the NO Brigade “Braća Radić” near Varaždinske Toplice.
28 Sep 43: the 2d Assault Squadron in a strength of 80 men were reported missing in action while defending Varaždinske Toplice, which was taken by the Partisans in a surprise attack during the early evening hours.
Dec 43: 1st (Assault) Squadron transferred from Zagreb to Križevci in November or early December and still there in January 1944.


1 Apr 44: incorporated into the Mobile Brigade?


Pukovnik Oto Egelsdorfer (? - ?) Apr 1942


General HQ (MINDOM) Zagreb (Jul 1941 - Nov 1941)
I Corps (Nov 1941 - Mar 1944)

Order of battle (June 1943)

Group HQ in Zagreb,
1st Squadron in Zagreb
2d Squadron in Ludbreg
1st Replacement Transfer Squadron in Zagreb
Recruit Squadron in Zagreb


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