(VIII. topnički sklop)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Ordered formed 21 July 1941 in Bihać for assignment to the Vrbaska Territorial Division. (1)

Operational History

Dec 41: now in Banja Luka under the Banja Luka Brigade.
Jun – Jul 42: took part in Operation “West-Bosnien.”
Sep – Oct 42: one battery was attached to German Kampfgruppe Wedel (721. I.R./714. Inf.Div.) and engaged in supporting a sweep of the Manjača Mountains to the south of Banja Luka.
29 Oct – 3 Nov 42: elements supported Operation “Sandmann” near Bos. Novi.
3 Jan 43: Group HQ in Banja Luka under the Banja Luka Brigade with 1st Battery (4 x 10.5 cm guns) in Banja Luka, 2d Battery (4 x 10.5 cm guns) in Prijedor and Ljubija Rudnik, 3d Battery (4 guns) in Sanski Most, 4th Battery (2 guns) in Bos. Novi, 5th Battery (4 guns) in Banja Luka and 6th Battery (3 guns) in Ljubija Rudnik - total strength: 15 officers, 37 NCOs and 389 men.
21 Aug 43: reorganized at Banja Luka with HQ, HQ Battery and 1st and 2d Batteries for assignment to 2d Jäger Brigade. It’s former 3d Battery was sent to the training camp and maneuver ground at Slavonski Brod as a Lehr- (instruction/demonstration) battery.
Sep 43: Group now at Otoka and Bos. Krupa in support of 2d Jäger Brigade, but by early December had moved back to Banja Luka for attachment to 4th Jäger Brigade.
1 Sep 44: in D. Lapac in support of 10th Jäger Rgt./2d Jäger Brigade.
20 Nov 44: Bihać – D. Lapac area under 2d Jäger Brigade with HQ, 1st Battery (4 x 7.62 cm guns) and 2d Battery (4 x 10 cm guns) - total strength: 127 officers and men.
1 Dec 44: reassigned to 10th Croatian Infantry Division.
Jan – Mar 45: at Mali Skočaj just a few kilometers south of Bihać under 10th Croatian Infantry Division.


Podpukovnik Dragutin Jagnić (? - ?) Jan 1943, Aug 1943
Podpukovnik Edvin Both (? - ?) Jan 1945


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