(VII. topnički sklop)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Ordered formed 21 July 1941 in Banja Luka for assignment to the Vrbaska Territorial Division.

Operational History

2 Aug 41: Banja Luka operating under the Sanski Brigade.
Dec 41: Tuzla assigned to 3d Infantry Division.
15-23 Jan 42: Tuzla - 1st and 2d Batteries took part in Operation “Süd-Kroatien.”
1942: deployed in Bosnia under 3d Infantry Div.
24-28 Aug 42: Group elements supported Operation “S” near Vlasenica.
Oct 42: Group elements supported Operation “Jajce I” and “Jajce II.”
29 Nov – 6 Dec 42: Tuzla - participated in Operation “Jajce III.”
17-20 Dec 42: took part in Operation “Tuzla II.”
20 Feb – 2 Mar 43: elements provided support for Operation “Konjic.”
14 Apr 43: HQ, 3d and 4th Battery in Tuzla, 1st Battery in Bijeljina and 2d Battery in Zepardi - under Croatian II Corps and tactically under German 369. Inf.Div.
21 Aug 43: Group completely reorganized with HQ, HQ Battery and 1st and 2d Batteries, and reassigned to 3d Jäger Brigade in Brčko. 1st and 2d Batteries each had 4 x 10 cm mountain howitzers.
Sep 43: stationed in Brčko as part of the garrison there.
22 Sep 43: Group Co, Bojnik Krupić, deserted to the Partisans this date after having been in secret contact with them for some time.
15 Aug 44: entire Group in Piškorevci near Djakovo under 3d Jäger Brigade. At this time the Group also had a light transport column (10-ton) as part of its organic composition.
Oct 44: now said to be at Döllersheim/Austria undergoing training.
1 Dec 44: reassigned to the new 3d Croatian Infantry Division (HQ in Vinkovci) as its divisional artillery.


Bojnik Husein Krupić (? - 22 Sep 1943)
Podpukovnik Verković (? - ?) Aug 1944
Podpukovnik Andrija Dudašić (? - ? Jan 1945)


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