(I. topnički sklop)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Ordered formed 21 July 1941 in Varaždin for assignment to the Savska Territorial Division. (1)

Operational History

6 Sep 41: while Varaždin given as its home garrison, its HQ and two batteries were in Tuzla this date.
Apr 42: Varaždin with elements attached to the Kalnik Brigade for operations in the Kalnik Mountains.
Jun 42: 3d Battery sent to Bos. Novi to take part in Operation “West-Bosnien.”
27 Feb – 8 Mar 43: 1st Battery participated in Operation “Mirko” in the Kalnik and Bila gora Mountains.
20 Jun 43: in Varaždin under Croatian I Corps with 1st, 3d and 4th (HQ) Batteries with a total of 8 x 10 cm guns.
8 Jul 43: the Group CO, Podpuk. Varda, defected to the Partisans at Jalkovec near Varaždin with most of the HQ and HQ Battery (5 officers, 60 men, 2 mountain howitzers and 16 horses). He had been secretly negotiating with the Partisans for quite some time.
21 Aug 43: Group reorganized - HQ (same), HQ Battery (same), 1st Battery (ex-mountain gun battery of the former IV Mountain Brigade), 2d Battery (ex-3d Battery/I Artillery Group). Assigned to the new 4th Mountain Brigade.
10 Dec 43: in Daruvar attached to 8th Mountain Rgt. with 4 x 7.5 cm Skoda mountain guns and 3 x 10 cm Skoda mountain howitzers.
21-25 Nov 44: assigned to 4th Mountain Brigade with elements tactically under the Banja Luka Brigade.
Mar 45: in Karlovac with two batteries under the 13th Croatian Infantry Division.


Podpukovnik Dimitrije Varda (? July 1941 - ? July 1943)
Bojnik Dalibor Bumber (? July 1943 - ?)
Satnik Stingler (? - ?)


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