(IV. obkoparska bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed between August and October 1941. (1)

Nov 41: Battalion stationed in Osijek under II Corps in a strength of 680.
Jun 42: 4th Co. in Kostajnica – Bos. Novi area attached to the 1st Mountain Division for Operation “West-Bosnien.”
Oct 42: elements in Našice attached to the Slavonian Brigade.
Oct – Dec 42: 3d Co. participated in Operations “Jajce I, II and III.”
Dec 42: HQ in Osijek with a training company and a replacement company.
27 Feb 43: two of the Battalion’s companies deployed for Operation “Grün” in the Krndija and Dilj Mountains in the southern part of Slavonia.
24 Mar 43: Battaltion suffered moderate to heavy casualties on the Slavonska Požega area while engaged in the Papuk Mountains against the Partisan 4th Slavonian Brigade during Operation “Braun.”
14 Apr 43: 3d Co. in Doboj under II Corps.
4 Jun 43: Battalion took part in the defense of Našice against a determined attack by the Partisan 12th Brigade/12th Division - before a relief force of Ustasha could arrive from Osijek, the IV Eng. Bn. had lost 57 killed and 190 captured, according to the Partisan account.
Jul – Aug 43: Battalion transferred from Osijek to Karlovac and there by 8 September.
20 Nov 43: HQ with 1st, 2d and 3d Co. in Karlovac under I Operations Sector/I Corps - strength: 17 officers and 310 men. Location unchanged for the next 6 months.
1 Jun 44: HQ with 1st, 2d and 3d Co. in Karlovac under Operations Zone Prokupje - strength reported to be 654 officers and men.
31 Aug 44: Karlovac. No further information after this date and by the end of November 1944 it had been dissolved and its assets distributed to other units.


Satnik Poščić (? - 24 Mar 1943) KIA


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