(Tehničkih trupa)
by H.L. deZeng IV

The first engineer battalion was formed in Karlovac from active and reserve engineers, electricians and engineer instructors. At the same time, an engineer bridge battalion was formed in Osijek, and these two battalions were then consolidated under a regimental headquarters. The Engineer Regiment later had three battalions – engineer, bridge and technical – each with four companies and a total strength of around 1,000 officers and men. Between August and October 1941, the Engineer Regiment was dissolved and four independent engineer battalions were created in its place (numbered I to IV).
The Railway Battalion was formed in early summer 1941 in Slavonski Brod from railway specialists and workers employed by the state railway works located there, and had a transportation company, technical company, labor company, and a railway equipment and materials depot. The Battalion was primarily engaged in repairing railway bridges and in maintaining and repairing the tracks. A second railway engineer battalion was reported to be in formation in Zagreb in early August 1942 using 180 men from the original battalion as cadre. On completion, it was to be transferred to Karlovac which was to become its home station. The second battalion was never completed and its personnel where reassigned.
By the end of 1941, 253 engineer officers of the former Royal Yugoslav and Austro-Hungarian Armies had entered active service with the Croatian Army, and the total strength of the five battalions cam to 3,740. On 1 September 1943, this figure remained relatively unchaged at 3,824.

Engineer Battalion - Organization and Equipment (June 1944)
(Officers/Non-Commissioned Officers/Men)
Battalion HQ and HQ Co.: 10/31/213
1st Engineer Co.: 6/18/185
2d Engineer Co.: 6/18/185
3d Engineer Co.: 6/18/185
Totals: 28 officers, 85 NCOs and 768 men (881 in all). The types and quantities of weapons and other equipment are not known.


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