(II. lovačka bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed spring 1942, but place of formation is not known. (1)

Operational History

18 May 42: 1st Co. in Zavalja/4 km SW of Bihać under I Corps.
Dec 42: 2d Co. now in Gospić.
26 Dec 42: transferred from Gospić to Medak and then to Lovinac to reinforce the Italian Division “Re” for operations in that area.
20 Jan 43: Bn. with approximately 800 men was engaged around Babin Potok/25 km ESE of Otočac under IV Ustasha Brigade during the opening phase of Operation “Weiss”.
28 Jan 43: in Medak, but moved to Otočac around mid-February.
Mar 43: Otočac with an estimated 600 men.
19 Apr 43: moved and now billeted in Perušić/14 km N of Gospić.
29 Apr 43: the Battalion suffered heavy losses in fighting around Klanac, Baške Oštarije and Brušane, all of which are near Gospić, against the Partisan 6th Division.
May – Aug 43: security duties and active patrolling in the Gospić area without significant enemy contact.
15 Sep 43: Bn. disbanded on or about this date and its personnel incorporated into II Bn./15th Infantry Rgt. in Gospić.




I Corps (c. Apr 1942 - Sep 1943)


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