(4. Vokra bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed mid-July 1941 in Vlasenica/East Bosnia by renaming the 4th Expeditionary Battalion. (1)

Operational History

10 Aug 41: elements of the Battalion stationed in Vlasenica/46 km SSE of Tuzla were forced out of the town and some captured when it was attacked and taken by a joint Partisan-Chetnik force.
18 Aug 41: 105 men from the Bn. were captured by Chetniks in Drinjača near Zvornik along the Drina River.
Dec 41: Battalion HQ in Sarajevo. [Note: this does not appear to be correct, even though it comes from primary sources].
10 Jan 42: Bn. HQ in Vareš/34 km N of Sarajevo.
21 Mar 42: Bn. HQ now in Sokolac/31 km E of Sarajevo.
16-25 Apr 42: participated in Operation “Trio”, a large-scale joint German-Italian-Croatia anti-partisan operation along the Drina River.
5 May 42: Bn. HQ in Bursaći to take part in Operation “Foča” in the Jahorina Mountains to the southeast of Sarajevo. The Battalion had three companies (1st – 3d).
11 May 42: ordered disbanded this date and its men incorporated into III Corps.
3-22 Jun 42: elements of the Battalion reportedly participated in Operation “Zenica – Zavidovići” in East Bosnia, so the disbanding of the Battalion was evidently delayed, probably at the request of the Germans.


Podpukovnik Školivar (? July 1941 - ?)
Bojnik Petar Gregurić (? - ?) Jan 1942


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