(2. Vokra bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed mid-July 1941 in Goražde/50 km SE of Sarajevo in East Bosnia by renaming the 2d Expeditionary Battalion. (1)

Operational History

13 Oct 41: the Romanija Partisan Detachment and elements of the Kalinovik Detachment, after first clearing Ustasha Militia from the surrounding villages, attacked Rogatica, which was bravely and stubbornly defended by the 2d Military Frontier Battalion and 700-800 Ustasha. The Croatians made several attempts to relieve Rogatica, the last of these on 22 October, but the relief forces were turned back and the town fell to the Partisans a few days later.
Dec 41: Battalion HQ in Drinjača/48 km SE of Tuzla on the Drina River. [Note: this does not appear to be correct, even though it comes from primary sources].
10 Jan 42: Bn. HQ in Ilidža/9 km W of Sarajevo.
5 May 42: HQ in Prača/28 km SE of Sarajevo - it had 3 companies (1st – 3d) deployed in and around there and Goražde. Over the next week the Battalion took part in Operation “Foča”, Foča being a town located on the Drina Rover 29 km south of Prača.
11 May 42: disbanded this date and its men incorporated into III Corps.


Podpukovnik Ivan Pilar (? Jul 1941 - ?)
Podpukovnik Alija Demidžić (? - 11 May 1942)


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