(2. domobranska radna pukovnija)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed September - October 1942 with Regiment HQ in Osijek. It remained subordinated to Croatian II Corps throughout its existence. (1)


Dec 42: IV Bn. with 1st – 5th Co. in Otok/16 km S of Vinkovci, while the Regiment’s 2d Mining Co. (2. rudarska satnija) was located at the Vrdnik mine complex in the Fruška gora (mountains)/15 km S of Novi Sad in Syrmia.
Jan 43: 3d Co. of the VI Bn. (which may have become the replacement battalion) located in Sibinj/8 km WNW of Slavonski Brod.
3 Feb 43: I Bn. working in the Slavonski Brod area.
1 Jul 43: 5 officers and 245 men belonging to the IV Bn. were taken prisoner while traveling on a train that was captures by the 3d Vojvodina NOU Brigade near Otok.
Jun 44: a report of this date stated that the Regiment was 60% Pravoslavni (Croatian Serbs) and 40% Croatian.
Aug 44: Rgt. HQ either in Osijek or Slavonski Brod, I Bn. working in the Vinkovci – Brčko area, II Bn. in Zagreb-Prećko, III Bn. in Osijek, IV Bn. in Slavonski Brod, and V Bn. in Slavonski Brod.
Sep 44 – May 45: no information on the Regiment after August 1944 has been found.


Pukovnik Kljajić (? - ?) Aug 1944

Order of Battle (Dec 1942)

Rgt. HQ
I – VI Bn.
2d Mining Co.

Order of Battle (Aug 1944)

Rgt. HQ
I – V Bn.
2d Mining Co.
probably a Replacement Bn.


1. The Regiment is occasionally mentioned in Hrvatski narod (the Croatian national daily newspaper) and in both the Italian and German microfilms. No record of these citations was made because of the minor importance of the Regiment.

Reference material on this unit

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