(14. pješačka pukovnija)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 29 June 1941 with Rgt. HQ in Trebinje. Initially with just two battalions and 13th, 14th and 15th support companies, it was expanded to three battalions plus an expeditionary company during 1942. The regiment was incorporated into the 9th Garrison Brigade on 1 April 1944. (1)

Operational History


Jul 41: following formation, the main body of the regiment generally remained in the Trebinje – Bileća – Gacko area of southern Hercegovina through March 1944.
14 Jul 41: I Bn. in Trebinje was ordered to take up security positions under Italian command against resistance outbreaks in that area.
22 Aug 41: two Partisan companies from Bileća held up an attack by the Regiment’s II Bn. from Bileća toward the village of Miruše, and a renewed attack the next day was driven off with the help of Partisan units from Montenegro.
27 Aug 41: a composite Bn. from the Rgt. was defeated by several Partisan companies and detachments near the village of Mosko on the road between Trebinje and Bileća while in march to relieve the Bileća garrison, losing a howitzer, two mortars, 25 heavy and light machine guns and around 200 rifles.
22 Dec 41: I Bn., together with Italian troops, fought their way through and relieved the garrison at Bileća, which had been surrounded for 7 days.


20 Apr 42: II Bn., which departed Bileća on 7 April, engaged in a clearing operation around Vacar Vakuf in the Jajce area.
1 Sep 42: I Bn. now in Mostar.
24 Oct 42: Expeditionary Co./14th Infantry Rgt. had only recently been formed and was garrisoned in Varaždin to the north of Zagreb.
1 Dec 42: Expeditionary Co./14th Infantry Rgt. engaged in the Kalnik Mountains southeast of Varaždin.


2 Apr 43: Partisan 3d Assault Division attacked Gacko/50 km SE of Nevesinje, and after a brief fight elements of 14th Inf. Rgt. were forced to withdraw.
11 May 43: 1st Expeditionary Co./l4th Inf. Rgt. transferred from Varaždin to Novi Marof to be assigned as the garrison there.
24 Jun 43: lst Expeditionary Co.commenced participation in Operation “Zagorje” in the Ka1nik Mountains.
12 Sep 43: II Bn. defected to the Partisans and demolished all facilities at the Hutovo train station, which lies along the rail line between Hum and Gabela.
15-16 Sep 43: 1st Expeditionary Co. lost Novi Marof to 2d NO Brigade “Braće Radić” after putting up only a brief fight; 1 officer and 120 men surrendered to the Partisans.
29 Sep 43: I Bn., together with a Chetnik brigade and elements of 7th SS-Div. “Prinz Eugen”, was overcome in a brief fight with l0th Herzegovina Assault Brig./Partisan 3d Assault Div. in the village of Begović-Kula and forced to withdraw to the garrison in Trebinje.


2-3 Jan 44: 1st Co. handed over the train station at Jasenica-Lug, on the rail line between Hum and Gabela, and surrendered to elements of the l2th Hercegovina Assault Brigade.
4 Feb 44: l0th Herzegovina Brig. attacked three train stations in the Hum - Gabela area and captured 30 men from the Rgt.
15-16 Feb 44: elements of the Rgt. took part in Operation “Falkenjagd” with 7th SS and 18lst Inf. Divisions against Partisan 29th Assault Division near Trebinje.
1 Mar 44: I Bn. had recently left Trebinje, and III Bn. had moved there in its place.
1 Apr 44: Regiment ordered incorporated into 9th Garrison Brigade this date.


Pukovnik Juraj Čordašić (? - 31 Mar 1944) Nov 1943


Jadranska Division (June 1941 - Aug 1941)
6th Infantry Division (Aug 1941 - Mar 1944)

Order of battle (31 Dec 1941)

Rgt. HQ in Trebinje
I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Trebinje
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.) in Bileća
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.

Order of battle (15 Jan 1943)

Rgt. HQ in Trebinje
I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Trebinje
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.) in Mostar?
III Bn. (9th – 12th Co.) in Bileća
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.
1st Expeditionary Co. in Varaždin.

Order of battle (1 Dec 1943)

Rgt. HQ in Trebinje
I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Trebinje
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.) in Zavala/50 km NW of Dubrovnik
III Bn. (9th – 12th Co.) not located
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.
1st Expeditionary Co. in Varaždin?


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