(8. pješačka pukovnija)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 29 June 1941 with Rgt. HQ in Tuzla. The Regiment was re-designated 8th Jäger Regiment (3d Jäger Brigade) in August 1943. (1)

Operational History


Jul 41: after the Regiment was formed, it remained in the Tuzla – Olovo – Kladanj area in East Bosnia throughout 1941 and 1942, except for the I Bn. which was employed in large-scale offensive operations around Jajce during the fall of 1942.
12 Aug 41: 4th Co. ambushed and destroyed by Partisans near Papraća in the vicinity of Vlasenica.
6 Sep 41: I Bn. in Tuzla.
7 Oct 41: elements of II Bn. drove off a Partisan attack on a troop train near Trbut in the Doboj area.
30 Oct 41: I Bn. was forced to withdraw from Stupari/30 km south of Tuzla following a two-day fight with 400 Partisans from the Birčanski and Ozrenski NOP Detachments.
1 Nov 41: II Bn., advancing from Kladanj, attacked and retook Stupari.
5-7 Nov 41: half of a company belonging to the Regiment was taken prisoner by Partisans who captured the village of Površnica near Tuzla.


15-23 Jan 42: II Bn. engaged in Operation “Süd-Kroatien” in East Bosnia.
Apr 42: IV Bn. added to the Regiment in spring 1942 and is believed to have been Moslem militia personnel from the village of Gornja Tuzla. Later in the year a V Bn. was also added, and it too is believed to have been a Moslem militia formation from the Tusla area.
16-25 Apr 42: two companies were used in Operation “Trio” along the Drina River.
3-22 Jun 42: I and II Bn. employed in Operation “Zenica – Zavidovići” aimed at the destruction of Partisan concentrations east of Zenica.
23 Jun 42: I Bn. now in Vareš/34 km E of Zenica, II Bn. in Olovo/47 km S of Tuzla, III Bn. in Tuzla and IV Bn. in Gornja Tuzla/8 km ENE of Tuzla.
24-28 Aug 42: I Bn. took part in Operation “S”, which was tasked to destroy Partisan concentrations northwest of Vlasenica.
15 Sep 42: I Bn. now back in the Tuzla area and IV Bn. still in Gornja Tuzla.
30 Sep – 6 Oct 42: I Bn. assigned to the task force that retook Jajce (Operation “Jajce I”), which had been captured by the Partisans on 25 September.
7 Oct – 6 Nov 42: I Bn. employed in Operation “Jajce II”, which was a search and clear offensive against Partisan groups lurking in the Jajce area after the battle for the town.
29 Nov – 15 Dec 42: I Bn. remained in the area and used for Operation “Jajce III”, which had to retake Jajce after it had falled to the Partisans for a second time.
17-20 Dec 42: IV and V Bn. employed in Operation “Tuzla II”, which had as its objective the destruction of a large Partisan group near Tuzla that was threatening the city.
31 Dec 42: II Bn. transferred to Kladanj/35 km S of Tuzla.


4-7 Jan 43: elements from the Regiment accompanied German 737. Inf.Rgt./717. Inf.Div. on a punitive expedition into Partisan-held areas near Slavonska Požega, buring down 10 villages and arresting 83 Partisan sympathizers.
5 Jan 43: I and IV Bn. began Operation “Teslić I” which drove a strong force into the town and retook it from the Partisans who had captured it on 31 December 1942. Teslić was secured on 7 January and the entire Regiment then transferred into the Teslić – Doboj – Trbuk area.
20-21 Jan 43: IV Bn. along with German forces from Teslić unsuccessfully attacked elements of 1st Proletarian Assault Division NOVJ, which was deployed in a number of nearby villages.
Feb 43: ordered to begin reorganizing as a Jäger Regiment.
15-17 Apr 43: Rgt. participated in Operation “Ozren” in the Doboj – Teslić area.
29 May 43: together with elements of German 369. and 373. Inf.Div., the Regiment took part in a 3-day clearing operation against the 5th Assault Division NOVJ in the area along the Bosna River to the west of Žepče.
13 Jun 43: I, II and IV Bn. took part in Operation “Pfingsten”, which was launched to destroy Partisans concentrated in the Prnjavor – Kotor Varoš – Teslić area.
Aug 43: renamed 8th Jäger Regiment (3d Jäger Brigade).


Pukovnik Mirko Paja (29 Jun 1941 - Nov 1941)
Pukovnik Stjepan Mifek (Dec 1941 - ?) Jan 1943


Bosanska Division (Jun 1941 - Aug 1941)
4th Infantry Division (Aug 1941 - Jul 1943)

Order of battle (Dec 1941)

Rgt. HQ in Tuzla
I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Tuzla
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.) in Tuzla
III Bn. (9th – 12th Co.) in Tuzla
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.
Total strength: 2,476.

Order of battle (1 Jan 1943)

Rgt. HQ, I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.)
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.)
III Bn. (9th – 12th Co.)
IV Bn. (17th – 20th Co.)
V Bn. (21st – 24th Co.)
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.

Order of battle (14 Apr 1943)

Rgt. HQ in Teslić
I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Teslić
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.) in Doboj
III Bn. (9th – 12th Co.) in Trbuk/9.5 km S of Doboj
IV Bn. (17th – 20th Co.) in Teslić
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.


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