(7. pješačka pukovnija)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 29 June 1941 with Rgt. HQ in Sarajevo. The Regiment was re-designated 7th Jäger Regiment (4th Jäger Brigade) on or about 1 May 1943. (1)

Operational History


Jul 41: after the Regiment was formed, it remained in the area to the north and west of Sarajevo throughout its existence performing both garrison duties and operational assignments.
19 Aug 41: a platoon from the Rgt. engaged a group of 12 Partisans along the Stolac – Berkovići road.
4 Nov 41: a composite battalion from the Rgt. was so badly mauled by Partisans in heavy fighting near Prača that it retreated to Pale and was disbanded the next day.


24 Mar 42: II Bn. occupying garrisons at Breza and Vareš, both north of Sarajevo.
3-22 Jun 42: II Bn. took part in Operation “Zenica – Zavidovići” that was carried out to destroy Partisan concentrations to the east of Zenica.
8 Jul 42: while defending the key railway town of Konjic/50 km SW of Sarajevo, I Bn. was briefly overrun by strong Partisan forces. After taking the town, the Partisans destroyed 25 locomotives and 76 railway cars.
5-10 Oct 42: elements of the Rgt. together with 10,000 Italian troops and Chetniks carried out Operation “Alfa” to destroy Partisan forces in the Prozor – Duvno area to the northwest of Mostar and clear the Mostar – Sarajevo railway line.


Feb 43: Rgt. ordered to assemble in the Kiseljak – Breza area near Sarajevo to reorganize as a Jäger Regiment.
18 Feb 43: officially ordered to be renamed 7th Jäger Regiment this date with effect from 1 May 1943 or thereabouts.
20-21 Feb 43: successfully defended Tarčin/c. 22 km SW of Sarajevo against a determined 5-hour night attack by the 1st Proletarian Assault Brigade, which was forced to withdraw. The Regiment then took part in Operation “Konjic” that ran until 26 March and consisted of an advance on Mostar, liberation of the town followed by the protection of the bauxite mining area nearby.
1 Mar 43: I Bn. reported its strength as 24 officers, 64 NCOs and 852 men, and II Bn. reported 14 officers, 25 NCOs and 388 men.
7-10 Mar 43: in the company of German 718. Inf.Div., Italian forces and Chetniks, the Regiment engaged in continuous fighting with the Partisan 3d Assault Division NOVJ along the Neretva River in the Konjic – Ostrožac area.
1 Apr 43: Regiment awarded the honorary title “Jure Francetić” this date in commemoration of the death of Ustasha Pukovnik Jure Francetić who fell in action in December 1942.
14 Apr 43: I Bn. in Katina and II Bn. deployed in Breza, Brezik and Vareš.
1 May 43: renamed 7th Jäger Regiment (4th Jäger Brigade) on or about this date.


Pukovnik Sulejman beg Filipović (Apr 1942 - Sep 1942)
Podpukovnik Vladimir Metikoš (Sep 1942 - Mar 1943)


Bosanska Division (Jun 1941 - Aug 1941)
5th Infantry Division (Aug 1941- Apr 1943)

Order of battle (Dec 1941)

Rgt. HQ in Sarajevo
I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Sarajevo
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.) in Breza/25 km NW of Sarajevo
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.
Total strength: 1,876

Order of battle (1 Jan 1943)

Rgt. HQ in Sarajevo
I Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Ivan Sedlo
II Bn. (5th – 8th Co.) in Trnovo
9th Co.
10th Co. in the village of Vojkovići
13th Co.
14th Co.
15th Co.
Replacement Transfer Co.


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