(Kombinirana oružničko-domobranska pukovnija)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed July 1941 in Karlovac as a composite tactical formation responsible for maintaining law and order in that area and carrying out field operations as required. (1)

Operational History

Jul 41: Karlovac with some 2,000 men.
21-29 Jan 42: the Regiment’s II Bn. carried out a sweep to clear Partisans from the area between Sisak and Sunja.
8 Mar 42: 3d Co. of the I Bn. in Banski Kovacevac attacked by elements of the 1st Kordun NOP Detachment with light losses.
18 Mar 42: the entire Regiment participated in Operation “Petrova gora I” under the overall command of the Utinjski Brigade.
May 42: disbanded.




MINDOM (Army HQ) in Zagreb (Jul 1941 - Oct 1941)
I Corps (Nov 1941 - May 1942)

Order of battle (Jan 1942)

Regiment HQ with I. II and III Gendarmerie Bn.
Total estimated strength: 2,400


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