(Zagrebački Posadni Zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 20 July 1943 in accordance with Croatian General Staff Organization Branch order No. 4820/I. (1)

Operational History

Jul – Aug 43: the two Domobran Guard Battalions and the Auxiliary Services Battalion were composed of men of “inferior suitability” (poorly trained overage conscripts) that under no circumstances were to be deployed or used outside of the city of Zagreb. Their function was the maintenance of order and security in the Zagreb garrison and in the immediate vicinity of the city. Furthermore, these units were neither equipped nor armed for anything other than simple guard tasks. The most important objectives guarded by these units were:
* the Sava bridges at Zagreb, Podsused and Ikusevac;
* the pharmaceutical factory at Kalinovica;
* the railhead at Hrv.Leskovac;
* the State radio stations at Vel.Gorica and Sv.Klara;
* the main rations dump at Remetinec;
* the fuel dump and munitions dump at Sesvete;
* other important objectives on the periphery of the city.
The Ustasha Garrison Battalion, on the other hand, was a mobile reserve for reinforcing these guard posts and strongpoints as the need occurred.
1 Apr 44: Brigade was broken up and a separate (Domobran) Garrison Brigade Zagreb and Ustasha Garrison Brigade Zagreb were formed.
3 Apr 44: Brigade elements attacked by Partisan Brigade “Franjo Ogulinac” and the Turopolje-Posavina NOP Detachment in the villages of Gudavac and Kravarsko about 30 km south of Zagreb with light losses on both sides. On 6 April the Brigade carried out a retaliatory raid on the same Partisan units in the Turopolje-Lekenik area.
27 Aug 44: 4th Co./III Bn. and German units staged an attack on the Partisan 1st Zagorje NO Brigade in the Krapina area/40 km N of Zagreb, but there was only light contact.
1 Dec 44: renamed 20th Domobran Brigade and assigned to 2d Croatian Infantry Division.


Pukovnik Josip Šolc (? - ?) Aug 1944


HQ Zagreb City Command (20 Jul 1943 - 31 Mar 1944)
I Territorial Corps (1 Apr 1944 - 30 Nov 1944)

Order of battle (9 Aug 1943)

Brigade HQ in Zagreb
I (Domo.) Garrison Guard Bn. Zagreb (1st – 4th Co.)
II (Domo.) Garrison Guard Bn. Zagreb (1st – 4th Co.)
Ustasha Garrison Bn. Zagreb (1st – 5th Co.) in Stojdraga – Marija Bistrica – Sv.Klara – Lekenik - Krapina
(Domo.) Auxiliary Services Bn. (1st – 3d Co.) in Zagreb
(Domo.) Machine Gun Co. (8 x heavy MGs, 4 x light MGs) (in formation)

Order of battle (Apr 1944)

Brigade HQ in Zagreb
I Bn. (1st – 6th Co.) in Hrv.Leskovac
II Bn. (1st – 5th Co.) in Zagreb
III Bn. in Turopolje
Auxiliary Services Bn. Zagreb in Zagreb

Order of battle (1 Sep 1944)

(Domobran) Zagreb Garrison Brigade HQ in Zagreb
I Bn. in Hrv.Leskovac
II Bn. in Zagreb, Podpukovnik Križanec
III Bn. in Turopolje and Brezovica, Nadsatnik Janko Držanić (600 men)
Auxiliary Services Bn. Zagreb in Zagreb
Independent Mixed Co. in Sv.Ivan Zelina (145 men)
Auxiliary Co. in Zagreb
Signal Co. in Zagreb
Engineer Co. in Zagreb


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