(7. Posadni Zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed on or about 1 April 1944 with HQ in Hrv. Mitrovica (today Sremska Mitrovica) by consolidating and renaming a variety of existing quasi-independent garrison battalions and other units. The Brigade was comparatively quite small with approximately 2,000 personnel. Tactically subordinated to German Befehlshaber Syrmien. (1)

Operational History

Apr – Nov 44: the Brigade changed locations within Syrmia quite frequently, especially the three assault companies, as it was ordered from hot spot to hot spot. It took part in several anti-partisan operations, usually securing the flank and line of communication (roads) for the more combat-capable units. The Fruška Gora mountains in Syrmia provided cover for a fairly large Partisan force.


Pukovnik Gjurgjević (Apr 1944 - 30 Nov 1944?)


II Territorial Corps (Apr 1944 - 30 Nov 1944)

Order of battle (15 Aug 1944)

Brigade HQ and Administrative Section in Hrv. Mitrovica
I Bn. (1st – 4th and 6th Assault Co.) in Ruma (HQ) – Klenak – Nikinci – Platičevo – Vrdnik, Bojnik Filipović (587)
II Bn. (1st – 4th and 6th Assault Co.) in the Bosut area just west of Hrv. Mitrovica with Bn. HQ in Trpinja near Vukovar, Bojnik Čukon (371)
III Bn. (1st – 4th and 6th Assault Co.) in Hrv. Mitrovica (HQ) – Krušedol – Beočin, Bojnik Milivoj Rendić (519)
IV Bn. (1st – 3d Co.) in Petrovaradin (HQ) – Zemun – Kamenica (this Bn. disbanded in Sep 44)
Engineer Platoon in Hrv. Mitrovica
Signal Platoon in Hrv. Mitrovica


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