by H.L. deZeng IV

By order of the German Plenipotentiary General in Croatia (Bevollmächtigter General in Kroatien), General Glaise von Horstenau, a complete reorganization of the disparate and widely scattered Croatian garrison formations was carried out in April 1944. The date of the Croatian general staff order directing the reorganization is believed to have been 1 April, but this cannot be confirmed with certainty. Eleven garrison brigades were formed (1st – 10th and the Zagreb Garrison Brigade) from existing garrison units, auxiliary companies, Domobran military police platoons, various volunteer militia units, fragmented infantry and artillery units aside from those used in forming the Mountain and Jäger brigades, railway security units, and armored train companies. The brigades had a defensive role within a specified territory, although they did engage in reconnaissance patrols of their outlying areas. Some of the garrison battalions were also used on occasion to support offensive operations against the Partisans. (1)


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