(20. pješački zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed on or about 1 December 1944 with HQ in Zagreb by renaming the (Domobran) Zagreb Garrison Brigade. Assigned to the 2d Croatian Infantry Division on formation. The Brigade’s battalions were deployed in towns and villages around Zagreb as part of the outer defenses around the capital, with one garrisoned in the city itself. The estimated strength of the Brigade was approximately 2,000. (1)

Operational History

(See 2d Croatian Infantry Division for additional details).

10 Dec 44: IV Bn. said to have lost 24 KIA and 206 captured while defending the town of Babići to the southwest of Zagreb, which was attacked by Partisan Assault Brigade “Franjo Ogulinac Seljo”.
Feb 45: most of III Bn. transferred from the Samobor – Stupnik area to Sisak to help reinforce the town’s garrison and was attached to the 14th (Domobran) Infantry Brigade.
26/27 Mar 45: the stay-behind part of III Bn., namely two companies located in Zdenčina/15 km south of Samobor, was attacked at night by Partisan Assault Brigade “Franjo Ogulinac Seljo” and overrun losing 41 KIA and 25 captured, according to the Partisan account.
29 Apr 45: Brigade disbanded and its assets used to form the new 26th and 27th Infantry Regiments.





Order of battle (1 Feb 1945)

Brigade HQ, headquarters elements and HQ Co. in Zagreb
I Bn. in the Turopolje area a few kilometers south of Velika Gorica
II Bn. in Zagreb
III Bn. in the Samobor - Stupnik area
IV Bn. in the Horvati - Babići area


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